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St. Mary’s CEO Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

17 Nov
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Holly Argent-Tariq, LNHA.MS, is currently the CEO/Administrator at St. Mary’s Center and has previously served as the first female Executive Director at Cumberland Diagnostic and Treatment Center, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation and Administrative Director of the Family Health Center at East Orange Hospital.

Since opening in 1992, St. Mary's Center has become a cornerstone of care for New York's HIV/AIDS community. It is the only AIDS Designated nursing home in Harlem. In 1997, the medical model adult day health care program (ADHC) for People Living With AIDS (PLWA) opened. The ADHC offers on-site primary care along with social service support, substance abuse support, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, complementary therapies such as acupuncture, aromatherapy and massage therapy and therapeutic recreation such as art and music therapy. St. Mary’s utilizes a holistic approach to healing by engaging the mind, body and spirit. St. Mary’s recognizes and respects the need for feeding the human spirit by integrating pastoral services into the fabric of its programming. For the past four years, St. Mary’s has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Nursing Homes in the United States, by U.S. World and News.

When our doors opened 22 years ago, we could not anticipate the extent of the need for health and wellness services in our community. We knew we were filling a need in Harlem for services for PLWA. Communities of color were, and continue to be, severely impacted by HIV/AIDS. We are grateful to still be able to provide critical medical and social support services to those affected by HIV/AIDS. Looking ahead, we will be expanding services to include primary care to residents in the housing projects regardless of their HIV status. This is a milestone in the development of St. Mary’s as the health care provider of choice in Harlem. HIV/AIDS has changed from a death sentence to a manageable chronic disease, and we have been able to navigate these changes side by side with our clients and residents. We look forward to strengthening our partnerships in the Harlem community and beyond. Our future is challenging, but exciting.

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