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Admission Criteria

ADHC Admission Criteria The Client has AIDS or is HIV symptomatic and has a documented need for medical care to be provided by the program; or The client is on antiretroviral therapy; or The client has a CD4 count <500k, appears to be asymptomatic (by history), but has other chronic health problems (e.g. diabetes, or hypertension), which require the client to be on regular medications and in need of ongoing medical management. The client has a viral load of .5,000 copies per ml and a CD4 count <500, is not currently on antiretroviral therapy, however, is assessed to be a candidate for antiretroviral therapy with program intervention. Other criteria include: Applicant is at least 18 years of age Applicant is able to provide Medicaid Reimbursement Applicant is not in the infectious stage of tuberculosis

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Pastoral Care is one way that our organization provides competent and compassionate care. With pastoral support clients and residents have a chance to discuss their personal and spiritual concerns.

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14,074 Actual SNF Occupancy Days 2013

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