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Social Work

Support and therapy groups are a critical component of our services. We provide individual attention and treatment planning to our clients, residents and members. Come check us out!!!

Adult Day Health Care Program The intent of the St. Mary’s AIDS Adult Day Health Care Program model is to assist individuals with AIDS and HIV disease live more independently in the community and prolong or eliminate the need for residential health care services. St. Mary’s Adult Day Health Care Program has evolved over the past eight years to meet the emerging needs of the population. Our programs now service an increasing number of registrants with medication adherence issues and those who are dually or triply diagnosed with HIV/ AIDS, substance abuse and mental illness.

Skilled Nursing Facility Resident Services Department provides an array of services to residents and family members. We are committed to providing quality care to all of our residents. We provide patient-centered care focusing on each resident’s individual needs and preferences. We assist our residents with mental, emotional and psychological support. We provide individual and group counseling. We are the liaisons for the resident and families with other outside governmental and or regulatory organizations and agencies. Support and therapy groups are a critical component of our services.

St. Mary’s is a vital component of the continuum of HIV medical services designed to provide a comprehensive and integrated model of service delivery.

Harm Reduction

St. Mary’s Social Workers and Case Managers have a professional philosophy of providing “unconditional positive regard” for our clients. Accepting our members where they are as they manage: Addiction, Medical Issues, Money Management, Mental Health and Housing as Staff work with individual clients to help improve their quality of life.

Substance Abuse Counseling

St. Mary’s utilizes the Harm Reduction Model in that we accept the individual where they are regarding their current AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug) using behavior and coordinate appropriate intervention for the different levels of Change (Pre-Contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, Maintenance and Relapse). St. Mary’s offers therapeutic groups for individuals who are still in active addiction, who are abstinent from one substance and those who are abstinent from all substances. There is a NA Meeting that is self-supporting that meets weekly at St. Mary’s coordinates with Insurance companies to admit clients for Detox and 28day inpt Drug Rehab Programs as clinically indicated.

Case Management

Social Workers and Case Managers provide continuity, coordination and collaboration with other providers to link or strengthen the linkage (that can include Peer escorts) for our members to Health Homes, HASA, Social Security (SSI or SSD), Primary Care Physicians and Specialty Appointments. Our Interdisciplinary Team also addresses Problems/Issues regarding Medical, Dental, Family, HIV, Education (GED and College), Drug Rehabs, Mental Health Problems, Housing, Visual/Hearing Impairments, Physical Therapy, and other issues that arise during our Care Plan meetings. A detailed Psychosocial Assessment is completed, a Psychiatric Evaluation with our Program’s Psychiatrist signature can be provided as needed for our members. St. Mary’s provides the highest level of clinical documentation indicating clinical justification to coordinate with Managed Care Insurance Companies for clients to attend St. Mary’s Center Adult Day Health Care Program.

Anger Management

To improve anger & stress management skills To learn to replace and re-direct aggressive behaviors To improve social & interactive skills & relationships

Family Support Group

To create an atmosphere of support To create an atmosphere of unity To discuss feelings and concerns To provide understanding, care, and comfort for family members
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