St. Mary’s Center

Our Impact

Percentages of residents who got recommended care, such as flu vaccinations, and percentages of residents who had pain, bedsores, urinary tract infections, and other care-related problems

Percent of long-stay residents:

100 % of our residents got the recommended care with respect to the Pneumococcal vaccine. This is better than the state average of 97% and the national average of 94%.

Percent of long stay residents:

36% of our residents received anti-psychotic medication. This is double the New York State average of 18% and greater than the national average of 20%. Many of our residents have histories of mental illness and substance abuse. Some have been incarcerated or homeless. Living at St. Mary's has helped many of our residents maintain a level of stability that they had not previously known.

Percent of long stay residents

The need for increased assistance with activities of daily living is only applicable to 6% of St. Mary's residents. This is lower than the state average of 14% and the national average of 16%. Overall St. Mary's residents are more stable with respect to their activities of daily living.

Impact by Year